Experienced In Hardware And Software

10 years working with an array of hardware from replacing cracked screens, swapping internal components, installing wireless access points and routers, building computer systems from scratch, and much more.

4 years coding in a number of renown languages such as C#, Java, Javascript, and Ruby as well as specialty languages such as GDScript.

Self-Motivated Learner

I'm always willing and excited to learn something new. Whether it be a programming language, an editing technique in GIMP, or playing guitar. One of my mottos is "Never stop learning." New experiences are what keeps you young, motivated, and happy.

Team Player

I've worked with various groups in different roles during the SDLC of a project. I have been the head, supplementary, and sole coder of many hobbyist game development teams.

I work well with others and believe in what Aristotle said, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." While each individual member is vital and adds their own personal touch, when the team functions well together they can create something greater than themselves.